08/2014 - 09/2014

interaction designer product designer

Screen interface and a mobile app to control pellet-burning stoves.

Palazzetti is a leading pellet-burning stove producer in Italy.
I’ve been designing the stove's screen and the user app and interface for a remote control mobile app. I also designed the video teaser storyboards, later realized by Alessio Romeo.


the interface

Stove screen's interface

iPhone app interface

Telecomando Palazzetti UI

Telecomando Palazzetti UI
The app in action

Through the mobile app, you can control the temperature at home from remote. The app also allows you to set a weekly program.

Based on the stove's activities, the user can also find out how much money they're saving.
A gamification model supports the mobile app UX.

Telecomando Palazzetti UI

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