Scopriamo Mogliano

01/2013 - 03/2013

art director web designer
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Scopriamo Mogliano

Mogliano Veneto is a city in Italy. The city asked me to design a guide to all its hotels, bed-and-breakfasts and hostels. I decided to also design a web app that grabs automatically informations from Instagram and Foursquare.

...This Guide needs to be considered as an invaluable tool. I am sure it will be much appreciated for its look and its contents, not to mention its importance as travel guide for our potential visitors. Giorgio Copparoni, Mogliano Veneto Councilor for Culture

I’ve been managing the entire project on the organization side: speaking and dealing with the municipality, collecting the data and coordinating the book and the web app.

Giacomo Covacich Tommaso Fido
The Book

Giovanni Cappellotto Devis Battisti
the web app

The app to discover and learn about Mogliano Veneto. Updated by its citizens ... and by you!

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